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How to beat the dark days...

Occasionally I have what I call my dark days, which are the days when I wake and just don't feel myself. Do you get them to? I mean this motherhood malarkey is rather hard some weeks isn't it, and I think the stress just creeps up on me. But I always try to keep soldiering on so here are my top 5 tips that help me get through those dark days. Hope they help you to.

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10 things I truly believe...

I'm quite a superstitious person and have even dabbled in Wicca and spells as a teen. Weirdo and proud right lol! For today's post I thought I'd bring you a little list of 10 things that I truly believe in. I'm sure most of you will think its all nonsense but each to their own right?! It's up to you if you believe it all too.

Homemade Sausage Rolls recipe...

Today's post was a favourite from my old blog, so here it is for you lovely lot, my Homemade Sausage Rolls recipe.

Hello & Welcome

So it's time, time to start blogging again. For those who don't know me. Hello I'm Hayley a 30 something mum, to a beautiful little girl called Phoebe, and I'm also a big time worrier who's recently been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety. I've known for a while something wasn't quite right in my head, so I feel relived, I've finally took the plunge and I'm getting some help for myself.